Hi this is my first blog on Fijian Care-givers.

Just checking to see if this works!


About fijiancaregivers

Been in the care-giving industry for over ten years. I have a proven record of excellence and professionalism in the business. I care about my work and my commitments to my clients.
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2 Responses to Hi this is my first blog on Fijian Care-givers.

  1. Vilisi nadaku says:

    Tevita (“David”) Korodrau and his company Family Hands took over as caregivers for
    my father in October 2010, shortly after my father’s 100th birthday, and continued in this
    capacity for over a year until my father passed way November 2011. During this period,
    Family Hands provided several caregivers, with David himself being the caregiver most
    frequently present.
    David provided fine care for my dad. He also provided increasing assistance for my
    mother, especially after she had a fall in May 2011. My mother initially resisted the idea
    of having caregivers present, but David gained the appreciation and trust of both. They
    felt safe and cared for.
    Perhaps it’s useful to review the caregiving assistance provided. My parents had an
    apartment at an independent-living retirement complex. My dad, as a consequence of
    heart failure, anemia, and a fall in July 2010, had come to require 24-hour care. He could
    travel short distances with a walker but required assistance getting in and out of bed,
    using the bathroom and, later, a commode. Typically he would need to get up several
    times in the night to urinate. He had some simple physical therapy exercises to be
    performed daily. The caregivers showered my dad, helped with his grooming, and helped
    dress and undress him. My dad no longer felt like going down to the complex’s dining
    room, so the caregivers took care of presenting him meals. These included food at hand,
    such as cold cereal and nutritional drinks, food they would order from the dining room
    and bring up, and blender mixes that they prepared. The caregivers also did my dad’s
    laundry. Eventually they came to help my mother get out of bed and dressed, take her to
    the dining room or bring up meals for her, and help her with her showers, hygiene, and
    I think three aspects of the Family Hands care were particularly noteworthy. First, my
    dad had become rather picky about his eating and his weight had fallen from about 114
    pounds before his fall to about 106 pounds afterwards. The Family Hands caregivers,
    through encouragement and blender concoctions, got his weight up to over 120 pounds.
    Second, when my dad had an outbreak of shingles, David first noticed a sore and had me
    notify the doctor’s office. He also managed the required treatments and alerted us to side
    effects of one of the medications, leading the doctor to suspend its use. Third, as
    mentioned earlier, he overcame my parents’ (particularly my mother’s) resistance to
    having home care present. He learned, for example, to provide my mother with assistance
    unobtrusively when she needed without asking – if asked, my mother usually would say
    that she didn’t need help and could the task at hand herself.
    In short, I’m happy to recommend David and Family Hands as caregiving providers.
    Stephen Prata
    January 22, 2012

  2. Thanks Stephen Prata.Have enjoyed working with your parents.The last 15months has been challenging.

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